There is probably a lot (or a little?) that you have started to hear in relation to ‘crypto’ or ‘blockchain’ and you’ve probably heard ‘Bitcoin’ thrown around along with these terms or in place of them (Bitcoin is a currency, the other two things aren’t, we’ll get to the differences later). Regardless of your position and current stance in regards to this new distributed technology space I’m about to discuss how Crypto is about to become incredible for creators everywhere also, if you read this post, you’d know more about this ‘distributed technology space’ a bit which can only make you cooler at the next dinner party you’re at right? RIGHT?!  

So without further adieu I bring you:

Crypto is Amazing for Creator: How the Brave Browser is at the Center of the Next Digital Revolution


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First off, I’m going to answer an unasked question: hell yes, SKY FOLK as a company and I (as myself) are interested in crypto! With the internet, as a creator, I do not need to find an agent or a publisher to get my work in front of people (you) and your friends (thank you for sharing) and YOU don’t either. Thank you Internet! As we add the layer of ‘Crypto’ as an evolution or an extension of the utility of the internet we have quick, fee-less micro-transactions that enable incentive loops across the internet that benefit creative folks AND the viewers of their content. The coming years will find you in need of banks, accountants, lawyers, traditional money, direct employers and all the complications that come with all of those things far less. This isn’t the place to go into that though, but, cool stuff comin’.

DISCLAIMER: gonna explain blockchain real quick. You can safely skip the next two paragraphs if you just want to find out how to get started blockin’ ads and tippin’ folk (and if you’re a creator, gettin’ tipped).

If you’ve been wondering what the terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘crypto’ mean; they are terms that refer to technology that makes possible a ledger (a stored account of totals), that a network of computers on the internet can help keep accurate and that no one person/entity can alter without consent. The ledger is then a distributed system/technology that exists across a bunch of ‘nodes’ (computers/devices) instead of just a single one (central server, hackable, a database), every transaction recorded in the ledger is added onto the ‘chain’ as a inside a ‘block’ of transactions - ‘Blockchain’.  The blocks are confirmed through intense cryptography (math and stuff) -so, ‘Crypto’.

How does it work?  Basically, when a transaction takes place (Person X wants to send Person Y $2) in this network, the nodes (computers) start to ‘confirm’ the validity of that transaction; the nodes all start doing math... When enough confirmations go through, Person x’s total goes down by $2, Person Y’s total goes up by $2.  The difference here is that no bank was involved, no single point of data was manipulated and no physical asset needed to exist for the value transfer to take place! Cool! We didn’t even have to trust anyone in order to make sure everything went smoothly. So, what does this type of transacting do for creators? Well, it does three main things:

  1. Transactions are quick no matter the total, or the distance (international borders don’t matter) so people all over the world can freely transact.

  2. No large financial entities needed (so they won’t be able to screw everyone over like always, thanks again must go to: <all banks>, AIG, Countrywide, Bear Sterns, et al)

  3. Because the fees are either low, or totally non-existent, micro-payments of any denomination become possible, every ‘like’ or ‘upvote’ could equal $.0002.

Here, need a quick calming break? Hit play.

Now, you, me and everyone we know are enabled to make digital things, put them on the internet and make money (possibly even an income!) as simply as having enough Someones tapping the like button on our daily posts.  It solves the problem where complicated processes and the general expense of current payment networks/systems prohibits small enough per-post content tipping to take place. Cool!

Brave Software has released a browser (available on all of your devices) thats very similar to Google Chrome, but it blocks ads by default. Also, I talked with the wonderful folks at Brave to get some of my photography integrated into the browser, they really liked my work and so they did it! Whenever you open a New Tab, you’re greeted with a beautiful screen that has the number of ads and trackers that have been blocked, the amount of time that has been saved that would have occurred as a result of loading all that extra junk, the current time, recently viewed sites and a lovely background image, check it out, here’s a New Tab viewed on my laptop:

In addition to blocking ads, the browser lets you easily tip creators of content online (like me!).  The tipping feature is currently only available in the desktop computer version but is coming to the mobile versions soon. This means, if you like someone’s YouTube video or the content on a web site (pretty pictures, videos, articles, game streams, etc) you can toss the creator of that content some Basic Attention Tokens (redeemable in the currency they wish) from your secure wallet that is built right into the browser. Automatic contributions are setup based on your browsing also, so if you don’t want to click tip, you don’t even need to in order to contribute. One of the main issues it tackles is the ‘friction’ in the way of someone supporting a creator. The token system is handled on the blockchain so there are any fees and its super fast. Pretty nifty system huh?

So, what’s the ‘friction’?  Think about seeing a piece of art you like online and what it used to take to tip the artist in order to help out. You’d have to go to that creator’s Patreon page or GoFundMe or PayPal or somewhere and you’d need to input credit card info into a form, put an address somewhere, your name, city, state, bla bla bla, boring you’re sleeping already just thinking about it.  Now you can click 3 buttons and you’ve sent a small tip and helped a creator keep making what you love while at the same time you get to skip all the ads.  Seriously, if you haven’t already, download Brave browser real quick and go watch a YouTube video… no ad before it starts playing. Awesome. Brave gives everyone free tokens each month (as a promotion to kickstart helping creators in this new way) Then tip me :), then go link your own creator channels with Brave (or start thinking about what you can create and share with everyone!) and let me know how/where I can tip you ( reach me @wchristiansen on Twitter and @sky_folk on Instagram!  

Brave Tipping Panel and Rewards

The future is really exciting in this whole distributed, crypto, blockchain creator technology space. And, the best part is, THE FUTURE IS NOW. There are already over 54,000 creators signed up and around 6,000,000 people already use and love the Brave browser. Check out the latest Verge article on why switching to the Brave browser makes a ton of sense:

If you’re a creator, it’s a no brainer to verify your online channels that you want to monetize or currently monetize with ads. Tips add up! So: