The Patron model has existed for more than a thousand years.  For centuries rich king types and poor-as-hell artist types have had a special kind of relationship, that of the patron-artist variety. In exchange for financial support, people with money have been able to establish a special relationship with an artist whose work speaks to them and in exchange the artist can make the art they're passionate about creating and sharing with the world. now provides this century's version of that model and myself and the rest of SKÝ FÓLK have launched our bid at patronage.  The patronage model fits us because we want to give it all away.  I sell prints and teach photography and I also work a full time job at Microsoft to offset the very expensive pursuit of giving.  In addition to that 1/3 of all money that SKÝ FÓLK brings in is donated to The Nature Conservancy -- conservation of our natural world is one pillar of SKÝ FÓLK's mission.  We want to add to life, preserving the environment is one big part of that.

If you like the sound of this so far, consider visiting my Patreon page and pledging any amount that makes sense for you.  

Any amount of pledge comes with rewards of course!

  • For $2/mo Patron's will receive these four custom phone wallpapers
  • 1/3 of your money will be donated to The Nature Conservancy
  • One Patron-only behind-the-scenes post about our upcoming film "Origin" that was shot entirely in Iceland