How can we take a real place (in this cause the summit of Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii), photograph it and process those images to re-create it virtually for other people to experience?  I've been exploring photogrammetry and I recently wrapped up a really fun panoramic photography project with Valve for the release of the HTC Vive.

Here is a quick overview of how I'm going about building virtual photos.

Here are SOME of things not covered at all or covered in very little actual detail:

  • How to shoot the photos and which equipment and settings are best for the panorama and the methods for shooting the photos needed to extract a 3D model
  • How to process images from your panorma using PTGui and KRPano to build the 6-side images that will be used by Unity for the scene's skybox
  • The best way to process photos in aDOBE lightroom to retain as much dynamic range as we can (without shooting HDR images)
  • Methods for using Agisoft's PhotoScan software AND WHAT "PHOTOGRAMMETRY" IS
  • How to adjust our model and align it using Maya
  • How to set up a unity scene that uses SteamVR (Vale makes this wonderfully easy!!) and how to align the model to your panorama