When I think about our mission going forward, I envision a collection of inspired people making and doing inspiring things – How can SKY FÓLK have this at its heart?  By co-inspiration, not necessarily collaboration, by people creating their life's work in closer proximity to each other, and by all of us feeding off each other’s energy, work, and creativity.  

SKÝ FÓLK is a company that's sole purpose is to amplify the work of its people.  SKÝ FÓLK takes everyone's individual ability, passion, and visibility and uses it all to benefit everyone else. 

SKÝ FÓLK is about great people doing the great things they are passionate about, near enough to each other in real time and space (or not), so that a ripple effect of co-inspiration flows easily back and forth.  The time is ripe to evolve SKÝ FÓLK from a long held concept to a solid practice. 

So, how does this company define success?  If all work is owned directly by the people that make it, and everyone is focused on different work – how does a company benefit if it doesn't take a cut or own the work that is produced?  

SKÝ FÓLK success is defined by the accumulated successes of its people.  The people at SKÝ FÓLK are SKÝ FÓLK.

The growing visibility of the company name becomes the visibility of its people and our work, which in turn enriches everyone directly – whether the riches are money, awareness, calls to action, and/or education.