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Photo & Video Adventures!


Photo & Video Adventures!

baffin photo adventure 2018

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is it time for you to experience the artic?

Want to come with artur stanisz and I to baffin island?  We are both landscape and adventure photographers with a bent for exploring and we're combining forces to bring you a special experience in 2018.

in my opinion, Baffin island is the most beautiful place in the world.  Imagine having yosemite to yourself and it's six times the size in every direction...


The adventure starts in Ottawa, from there the planes get smaller and the landing strips turn into dirt.  eventually we find ourselves surrounded by icebergs as we make our way by boat to the beginning of the backpacking photography adventure of a lifetime.  I'll be there to help you with your photography whenever you have a question and to make sure you have a special experience in the arctic.  To learn more, please head on over to Artur's site @ - let him know I sent you and I can't wait to see you next september!



This tutorial covers how to edit your raw captures of the night sky with Lightroom's powerful editing tools, sync edits across all of the photos in your timelapse, export from Lightroom and then bring it all together in Premiere.  I also cover how to export for optimal quality for YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook and what the optimal export settings are for Instagram so that your videos play smoothly and are as sharp as you expect them to be.    

Tutorial length: About an hour
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This tutorial is an advanced tutorial and assumes you know the basics of Lightroom and Premiere

Techniques Covered:

  • Settings in-camera used to capture the particular Milky Way exposures that make-up this 11-ish second demo timelapse
  • Using the various tools inside Adobe Lightroom to get the most out of each raw image
  • Batch editing techniques that will give you professional-quality results with your timelapses
  • Noise reduction techniques
  • Sharpening
  • Adjusting temperature across the timelapse
  • How to export your images out of Lightroom and bring them into premiere as a video file
  • Editing, rendering and adding music in Premiere
  • Exporting the final video for various uses including high quality (YouTube and Vimeo HD) and optimal quality settings for Instagram so that your video looks sharpest and isn't compressed by Instagram's algorithms 

Please do:

  • Download and keep the tutorial for yourself forever!
  • Share the link to buy the tutorial with all of your friends!
  • Contact me directly about any questions you have

Please do not:

Give copies of the tutorial to people that haven't paid for it.  



This tutorial is all about getting the most out of your Lightroom + Photoshop workflow, pulling details out of an image, adjusting lighting so it works better, general image clean-up techniques all while editing in a non-destructive way.      

There is a lot of work that Adobe Lightroom can handle quickly before you bring an image into Photoshop to final it, so let's take a look at some of the common tweaks to a photo that can be made in Lightroom, then let's do the deeper editing work with Photoshop after we've gotten the quick stuff out of the way.

Tutorial length: About an hour

This tutorial is an advanced tutorial and assumes you know the basics of Photoshop, how to open files, what Lightroom is, and I use a few hotkeys in the tutorial which are:

  • "x" switches between foreground/background color
  • Typing "1" when in a brush sets the opacity of that brush to 10% and typing "0" sets the brush opacity to 100%, etc
  • Holding ALT while in a brush allows you to pick a color by sampling from the image, clicking sets that color
  • CTRL + Click on a channel to create a selection from that channel
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Click will step a channel's selection down in value
  • CTRL + L opens a levels adjustment on a Channel or Layer
  • Holding ALT while clicking the New Layer icon brings up options for the layer (ability to name it, blending mode, fill with 50% gray, etc)

Techniques Covered:

  • Using Lightroom to tweak color range and value range
  • Editing a daylight, slot canyon photo start to finish
  • How to bring out details of an image without over-sharpening it
  • Precision-editing light/value range with luminosity masking
  • Sharpening
  • General image clean-up

Software Required: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


None! I always recommend watching the Luminosity Masks: Dodge and Burn Like a Pro -- as that goes into one of the main techniques used here and in all other post production work.  Also, that tutorial is free (although tips $$ are appreciated!)

Please do:

  • Share the link to buy the tutorial with all of your friends!
  • Contact me directly about any questions you have!

Please do not:

  • Give copies of the tutorial to people that haven't paid for it.  



In this 2-ish hour premium tutorial I coverS a lot of ground and definitely everything to get you started off right for editing your astro photos!  

to get access:


Techniques COVERED:

  • Preparing/planning for a night sky image
  • Editing a Milky Way night sky image
  • Handling multiple exposures (in this case, 3)
  • Focus-stacking exposures for sharper images
  • Precision-editing light/value range with luminosity masking
  • Noise reduction techniques
  • Sharpening
  • General image clean-up
  • Editing RAW images with Adobe Camera Raw

SAMPLE FILES INCLUDED: If you'd like to work from the photos I used in this tutorial I have included thEM!

Software REQUIRED: Adobe Photoshop


Prerequisites: NONE! (but if you need a bit more time understanding the ins-and-outs of luminosity masks please watch the 'Luminosity masks: dodge and burn like a Pro' tutorial - it's free!


Luminosity Masks: Dodge and Burn Like a Pro!


this is how the pros dodge and burn

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In this free 45-ish minute tutorial I will explain, in-depth how to use 'luminosity masking' to more accurately dodge and burn an image (add contrast by lightening and darkening areas of an image).  By accurately targeting specific value ranges you will learn how to precisely control the darks and lights in a photo or image you are working with.  

Patrons at the $5/mo level get all in-depth tutorials included in their monthly rewards and Patrons at the $1/mo level get before/after timelapse edit vids!

Know the basics!

This non-destructive adobe photoshop tutorial assumes you know some of the basics of photoshop like creating layers and channels and some of the basic hotkeys for setting opacity (typing 1 sets opacity of a brush to 10% and typing 0 sets opacity to 100%, etc) - I try to call out what hotkeys I am using when I use them as much as possible in this lesson but if you're finding yourself lost, let me know and I can try to help you out!  

How much does it cost?

FREE!  (tips are appreciated though)


Thanks for watching and comments/questions are very welcome, I'm here to help! 

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1:1 Photo Coaching

The best learning experience - Seattle, WA

1:1 Photo Coaching

The best learning experience - Seattle, WA

Private Photography Instruction for New Photographers - $200 per 3 hour lesson

Your instructor - Will Christiansen

Your instructor - Will Christiansen

Do you want to learn to shoot and do you learn best with 1:1 instruction?  Have you been wanting to shoot with an SLR you got for your birthday but haven't felt comfortable working the controls to get you the results you see elsewhere?  Is there a specific type of photography you don't quite get how to do but you'd really like to get started with?  Do you shoot with automatic controls but wish you could manipulate those controls to get you more creative or appealing photos?  Then let's shoot together!  

Will is a wonderful teacher. I learned more from him in 3 hours than any photography book I have ever purchased.
— Christiana

In a private instruction session we'll set up a time to meet and shoot and discuss photography, I'll work with you in the areas you want to improve  and you will have personalized homework in between our sessions that we will critique!  

Hit the contact link, connect with me over Instagram, Facebook or give me a call and we'll set up what works for you in your schedule.  I know where to go to get the shots you want and we'll shoot together in the locations that fit the type of photography you are interested in pursuing for the best learning experience.